Must See

Flu season is here, and even this cat is not immune. So, after a few days rest, I am back to a reasonably good status. During that time, when not outright unconscious, I caught up on a few music series on my “must see” list.

The first was Dave Grohl‘s Sonic Highways, available in Canada through iTunes. The series concept is simple: the Foo Fighters travel to various American cities and stay long enough to be inspired by it and record one song at some iconic studio there. The narrative of each visit covers the musical history of the city, the studio itself, and interviews with notable musicians, from which phrases and ideas, scattered like bread crumbs, find themselves woven into the lyrics of the song that closes each episode. This show has plenty to offer musicians and non-musicians alike, and you don’t have to be a FF fan to enjoy it. With buying the series, you get extras, including a more detailed summary of the recording process, which I turn the crank of any recording wonk.

Second, and still in the process of being viewed is Soundbreaking. If I have to choose one, this is would be it. Fascinating through incredible, often rare footage, and insights from the best in the business, it looks at music from the point of view of the producer. For non-musicians, or at least non-studio musicians, it beautifully illustrates what a good producer does, or at least should do. For all viewers, there is a greater understanding of why certain songs resonate, and what it takes to make and capture a great performance. As much as I have been learning about the technical aspects of recording, particularly over the last six months, it has given me cause to reflect on what and how I intend to go forward. It’s brilliant!

15284021_1297141880327219_2584694952430887418_nFinally, a call out to friends and fans that F&TC are at the Amsterdam Bicycle Club again this week, this time on a weekday. Good news is we get to start an hour earlier, so maybe you could catch a set? It would be great to see as many of you as can make it.

The details are in the sidebar. The big challenge on this gig will be how to play “Runner Up” with just 3 people. New toys may be in order. Come down and find out!

Until next week or Thursday, be well!



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