It took a little longer than expected, partly for reasons shown in the photo below, but the next single is finally out on Bandcamp.

Down went the internet.

Auto-Tune Me Out could be interpreted as the listener pleases, of course, but to me it resonates as a comment on how live performers in clubs (way back when) would sometimes be ignored. I introduced this song as a demo last August and this is the finalized product. A massive thank you to Chris Bender for hours of work on drums and backup vocals that really make this track pop. Also, thanks to my vocal coach way back, Jaclyn Serre, whose guidance and advise provided inspiration for the lyrical metaphor.

I’m hoping to have another tune ready for January, provided the migration from my 2008 Mac Pro to a brand spanking new Mac mini M1, a new OS AND a new Focusrite interface goes smoothly. So far so ok…some plugins don’t work so workarounds will be required.

Finally, it’s with great sadness that I heard that Relish Bar & Grill closed its doors for good this week. They hung in there valiantly but pandemic and financial pressures were too much for owner Joanne Clayton. Her farewell comments on social media held a note of optimism for a rebirth down the line. Let’s hope so as Relish was a deeply significant turning point in my life. I will always be grateful to Joanne and all her great staff, and ready to help when the phoenix rises again from the ashes.