ABC Songwriters’ Circle

From October 17, 2017 to July 17, 2018, I had the great pleasure to host the ABC Songwriters’ Circle at Amsterdam Bicycle Club every Tuesday night. This event, a “Writers’ in-the-round”  showcase was inspired by this type of event still popular in Nashville. I have Sal Indigo to thank for the idea, as well as Tim Lalande, manager of the ABC who let me run with it. A short video below explains the concept better than I could.

The last 9 months has been a great ride. My gratitude goes out to the friends, fans and family who came to the shows to support me and the 108 guest artists (listed below), without whose generous gift of time and talent this show could not have thrived. Thank you and merci! I happily pass on the torch to Lawrie Inglesand Henry Lees who will be taking the show in a new and exciting direction, and have offered me the great privilege of being a guest on July 31.


Todd Aalgaard, Darrin Baldwin, Julian Battersby Morris, Bryn Besse (The Marwills), Dougal Bichan, Dan Boggs, Brett Bonvie (The Marwills), Fred Boutin, Sandra Bouza,
Boris Buhot, Mike Butcher, James Clark, Daniel Clarke, Finbar Conlon (the Pretty),
Michael Cuddy, Andre Dantas, Lucy Dee, Amber Durette, Gary Edward Allen,
Tyler Ellis, Jody Ferrer, Tim Cameron (T.C. Folkpunk), Kevin Foster, Ash Gallia,
Justine Giles, Rob Greenway. (Brilliant Fish), Elana Harte, Neil Hendry,
Claire Hunter, Robert Hyde, Sal Indigo, Lawrie Ingles, David Israelson, Just Jillian,
Paula Keast, Scott Kv, Kyris, Linda Lavender, m.e. law, James Law (The Marwills),
George Lazarus, K Lee Wilde, Henry Lees, Julie Long, Kayt Lucas, Brent Lunney,
David Macmichael, Neil MacNaughton, Kevan Maddison, David Madras,
John Mahler, Mark Martyre, Lilly Mason, Alex Matthews, Andrew Mazzolin,
Graeme McGillivray (The Marwills), Dean McKinnon, David McLachlan,
Michael Menegon, Fraz Milne, Mahta Moattari, Neil Morris,
Jesse Morrissey (The Marwills), John Muirhead, Mimi O’Bonsawin, Jeff Orson,
Blair Packham, Frank Patrick, Jordan Paul, Timothy Prueter, Augusta Ray,
Chelsea Reed, Arch Rockefeller, Shannon Roszell, Matthew Runaway, Jordan Safer,
Soozi Schlanger, Ryan Schmidt, Sarah Siddiqui, Bill Simms, Tara Smylie,
Sabrina Soares, Franck Solo, Eric Sorenson (G3neric), Don Stevenson,
Mary Stewart, David Storey, Jessica Stuart, Steve Taunton,
Daniel Taylor (Cedarstrip Rocketship), Sam Taylor, Hurricane Mike Thompson,
Greg Todd, Chris Topher, Carmen Toth, Jace Traz, Sahel Usin Rojas,
Phillip Vonesh, Veronica Sabah (Vroni), Chloé Watkinson,
Frank Wilks, Chris Willson, Hugh Wilson, Leanna Yamada

For participating artists’ bios and links to their web presence, click here.

Show #36 (the last round) – July 17, 2018

Left to right: me, Gary Edward Allen, Chris Scian, Dougal Bichan

The finalists! Thanks to Gary Edward Allen, Chris Scian and Dougal Bichan for a great musical sendoff for the ABC Songwriters Circle. My appreciation to Henry Lees and Lawrie Ingles who attended more often than anyone I can think of and who are taking over starting this Tuesday, and friends and family who made the special trek! Shout outs to Sal Indigo for sitting in and for the idea and to Chris behind the bar for loyal support through these 9 months and 108 guests!

Past Show Gallery

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