The Grass is Always Bluer

This post was prepped in advance as I will be deeply immersed in Winterfolk over the weekend.

Thursday night, a meet and greet was held in the Tiki room at the Tranzac club for volunteers and performers. It was a good opportunity to connect before the shows. While there, I caught part of a set by regular Thursday night feature Houndstooth, an excellent group with a well deserved rep for being one of the best bluegrass bands in Toronto. I highly recommend catching them whenever you can.

As someone interested in audio, I noted that the group was using a hybrid version of the One Mic Technique, used by bluegrass bands everywhere. The idea is to have one central high quality microphone in the centre of the stage with the musicians gathered around in a semicircle. Whichever musician has a featured part moves closer to the mic to be heard better, then backs away. It makes for interesting stage movement an better photo ops. Houndstooth used this approach, but added two more mics placed waist high that work better for the guitar, mandolin and banjo.

More on Winterfolk in next week’s post. Until then, be well!


Sunbeam® Mixmaster® White Stand Mixer

Things are going to get busy this week as I have a few recording sessions scheduled. Plus, as of Friday, I will be mixing sound throughout the weekend at Winterfolk, as mentioned in a previous post. Tickets are still available and a really great way to catch outstanding music. I am looking forward to this, not just for the experience of mixing, but just for the pleasure of hearing so many great performers.

And speaking of great performers…

Planning a bit further ahead, I recommend catching The Lonely Hearts at the Dakota on Friday February 28th. I already have my tickets and hope to see many friends there as well. TLH always deliver a great show! Tickets are selling quickly so get them here asap!

Image may contain: one or more people and beard, possible text that says 'THE LONELY HEARTS LIVE AT THE DAKOTA FRIDAY FEBRUARY 28 10PM $10'

Until next time, be well!


ManCave Studio Diary #7 – Tales from the Drum Booth

This week’s post will be almost all about the studio, but I will let FatC drummer extraordinaire Chris Bender speak for himself.

Chris post
More photos here.

I hope to able to confirm a new show at the Dock on Queen sous peu. In the meantime, mark your calendar for Chris and Fraz Milne’s appearance at C’est What? along with another fave, the James Clark Institute on February 29.

Fraz and James

Until next week, be well!


Magical Mystery Tour

Winterfolk XVIIIStep right this way!

Yesterday was a big musical day.
First off, there was the Winterfolk XVII volunteer meet up at the Tranzac Club, which is the new venue for this popular and enduring musical event. Check out the link above for details. Anyway, this year, I will be mixing sound in a couple of the rooms, so you know who to blame if things go awry.

But sheer coincidence, Matthew Davies and Dave Stoyles of Monkey Fighting’ Snakes were scheduled to perform later in the afternoon, so it seemed a no-brainer to stick around for their show. As the Tranzac has almost non-stop programming, I also had the chance to catch a set by artists who are also on the bill for the above-mentioned festival, notably Howard Gladstone, Lynn Harrison and Laura Fernandez, very ably accompanied by Bob Cohen, a fave sideman of many artists I know. I look forward to more of their songs at Winterfolk.

After their set, Dave and Matthew set up to accompany John Victor. Opening for them was Barbara Lynch, new to me, and quite a revelation. Her poignant and often humorous songs were supported by great blues/ragtime/boogie virtuosity. Below is a sample of a song that some involves “locust” and “boogie” in the same title, and you can listen to her studio album on Apple Music or other tunes captured at the Tranzac on John Victor’s Facebook timeline.

Following her set, John, Matt and Dave performed a tasty set of original tunes, which you can listen to in rehearsal on his Facebook page. I had the opportunity to chat briefly with his John’s brother, Juno award winning producer Michael Wojewoda, helping out on sound. Wow!

Dave Stoyles on bass, John Victor on guitar and Matthew Davies on Dobro, guitar and banjo

As a bunch of other musical types showed up for this, we were hungry, and it was Stir-It-Up Sunday, we all transited to Relish for a fun evening of open-mic’ness.

Dave and Matthew insatiable for more playing, along with the superb Paul Brennan on drums.

It was a chance to première a brand new song, and play a familiar one. I got home a bit late…

Oh, and some kind of sport thing happened too.

Go Ti-Cats!

Gig Update

The previously announced show at the Dock on Queen has to be deferred due to scheduling conflict. A new date is in the works.

Now I rest. Be well!