…Hump, Thump, Rump, Dump


As promised last week, the demo of Runner Up. There are still glitches, as I still learn out to use Logic, rather than old trusty Garageband. Consider it a first draft. It was a challenge to do, self-indulgent and a lot of fun, particularly with the Mellotron track. Prog-Rock lives on. For an interesting demo of the Mellotron by Sir Paul McCartney, click here. Of course, I have no idea how I can play this live.

6a69ac225fc62d12b4294fb70280ecfc_originalAs also mentioned last time, I caught Park Eddy at the Linsmore. Even without Giordan Postorino on guitar, they put on a great show. Alan Zemaitis provided the chordal backbone on keyboards and ripped some awesome solos in between, Andrew Pacheco on bass was steady on, and Kyle Sullivan, Toronto’s most popular substitute drummer, sat in for Lowell Whitty and nailed it, as usual. But it’s Chloe Watkinson who is the band’s beating heart. When she sings, you are transported back to a time when emotional integrity rather than vocal acrobatics mattered. Chloe finds the note and doesn’t let go until she has squeezed every drop of soul out of it. She has the gift or being able to channel the essence of great rock vocalists like Aretha Franklin and Paul Rodgers.

I even heard a flavouring of Steve Marriott. It would be cool to hear the band do some Small Faces or even Humble Pie just to confirm that idea.

Park Eddy’s originals are catchy (get their album here), and their covers sound fresh, covering a surprisingly broad range of styles, but somehow a perfect fit for the band. I know that most of you reading this blog missed the show, you can catch them on December 9th at Grossman’s.

In gig news, I am happy to announce that we are back at the Amsterdam Bicycle Club, on Thursday, December 15, 2016, starting at 10 PM. Come on out and show the Holiday spirit by supporting live music. You can always sleep on the weekend!

Until next week, be well!



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