Lucky Horseshoe

I would be remiss however to fail to mention the show this past Thursday at the Horseshoe Tavern. So, here is the review in super brief mode:

Moan Toys, aka Jace Traz: with the usual gang (Rob, David, Dean, Lawrie): never disappoint; best squirrel jazz solo ever.

Tragic Hearts: lotsa Marshall power, lotsa energy, same chords, couldn’t hear a word. Sorry!

Forty Seven Teeth: good pop sensibility; two girls harmonizing–always good. Which I could have made out the words better but I can listen to the EP. Promising.

Danger Bees: now we’re talking! Great new drummer! Tons of fun, but be nice with the stage banter, guys! Loved that it ended with Heartless Jane.

Venue: a piece of Toronto history, beer is reasonably priced considering the caliber of entertainment.

Sound: a disaster. Probably not the soundman’s fault (entirely) as the acoustics are dismal, but it often felt the level, especially the bass, was turned up beyond the space’s ability to absorb that much volume. Seemed reasonably good for Jace and Danger Bees at least.

Here are some pictures and clips from the show:

Be well!


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