Bump, Lump, Clump, Stump, etc.

I’ve got a new song inspired by recent political shenanigans and loosely connected thoughts and events. Wanna hear it?

You have a choice:

Wait a week or so for me to finish recording the demo, or better yet, come to Relish tonight to hear me premiere it live.

Here are the lyrics as a teaser:

Runner Up ©2016 R. Pelletier/Félix and the Cats


Verse 1
I am the drunk that sings along
The same words to each different song
I’m Major Tom, I’m an Old Man,
It doesn’t matter, there’s no plan
The guitar player calls my bluff
It’s clear he’s really had enough
But it’s not me who’s seeking fame
Why should I be the one to blame?

It’s easier to crash and burn
Than make the effort to relearn
Better to raze it flat than up
Better dead last than runner up

Verse 2
I am the man, the one unknown
Desperately checking on my phone
For reassurance from the world
Where striped and starry flags unfurl
But little birds can only croak
Their sharp and disappointing joke
The man upon the stump is king
The bell is cracked and cannot ring


Verse 3
No one will listen anymore
My voice is lost, my life ignored
But others angrier will shout
The cursed words I can’t let out
And decree with their shrill demands
My fate be in their tiny hands
While stubby fingers punch the code
To make the torrid world explode

I close my eyes and hold my breath
And stay under until it’s past
Will sun dogs greet me when I rise
Or will the skies be overcast?

Instrumental out

If you can make it, check out Park Eddy this Thursday at the Linsmore. Park Eddy is a super awesome cover band featuring one of the best rock vocalists I’ve heard in a very long time, Chloe Watkinson, and keyboardist extraordinaire and occasional Cat, Alan Zemaitis.

Until next week, be well!


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