More Distraction

Image courtesy of Leslie Boerkamp.

In non-Trump related news, this past week was characterized by more non-Félix and the Cats activities. The day job took me to Niagara Falls for a conference which I have been attending regularly for years. Each year, a small group of attendees have gotten together to jam, and I wanted to make this one even more prominent. I have to thank fellow attendee/players Norm Hartshorne (whom I spoke of in an earlier post here), Chris Demers and Andrew Foster from SRB for putting up with my insistence on how things should run, conference organizers Leslie Boerkamp and Cathy Tier for their enthusiastic support, and Peter Pakjou at Securelinks for online wizardry. A special thanks to Sheri Katz at Long and McQuade for special prizes!


In the end, we played twice, loosely but with spirit, and some great people sat in both times. We tried to stick to crowd-pleasers, too, and it seemed to work best that way.

I had expected this would be my last conference and opportunity to do this, and if so, it was great! If by chance circumstances change, I look forward to doing it again.

Here is a brief clip of the band doing Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville (one of those songs we play but never admit to – hence the shoegazing) with me desperately trying to kick it up into a rockier groove. The hip shot near the end is particularly funny!

Video courtesy of Leslie Boerkamp.

Until next time, be well!


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