Just a short post this week.

Photo courtesy Fraz Milne.

First, a belated and huge thanks to friends who came out to support us at the Linsmore Tavern on October 25. After a frantic search for cymbals, oddly referred to as breakables in percussion parlance, we started late but eager. Many thanks as well to the Dial-up Raiders for the aforementioned cymbal scavenger hunt (and the friend who came through), and to Mary-Elizabeth Gilbert for curating Indie Tuesdays, and ongoing encouragement. If the Linsmore ownership reads this, we’d love to do a full evening. Give me a call!

The Amsterdam Bicycle Club gig the following Saturday had a different vibe. Always welcoming, for sure — thanks to Tim and the staff! As challenging as an 11:oo o’clock start is for rustling up a crowd, we did well, and pleased all, or almost. Coulda played some Rolling Stones songs to make that 100%, I guess. Here is something for those gals!

This week is busy due to the day job, but I managed to squeeze out a moment of inspiration. I have a new song in the works, springing from a single idea. If all goes well, I might even have a sample ready for next week. Wish me luck.

In the meantime, be well!


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