This week went viral, but only in a biological way. After fighting off the flu, a cold promptly took its place. Fortunately it was low grade enough to not cancel our Thursday show at the Amsterdam Bicycle Club. The weather had other ideas and scared off people, so the audience was sparse. That said, ALL clubs were thinly attended, according to reports.

The rest of the week was occupied with work, and rebuilding mini-pedal board. Maybe a post on that will follow.

IMG_1754.JPGTonight, this post is being sent remotely from Relish, where former Cat keyboardist Alan Zemaitis, the ever-popular and versatile Kyle Sullivan on drums, and jazzy Jesse Boxer-Meyrowitz on stand-up bass, are performing their annual and insanely popular Charlie Brown Christmas gig. This year, they’ve added a second show due to popular demand.

There you have it, short and sweet.

Be well!



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