Félix Navidad

We are back albeit one day late. I was making rather merry!

Last Friday was a continued exploration of Toronto’s live music scene, namely the monthly blues jam at the Peppery Cat, hosted by Mike Sedgewick. It was a pleasant surprise, not only because of the crowd in attendance (a good house which owner Larry I’m sure appreciated) but also for the talent attracted (Fraz and Arch, I’m thinking of you).

On a side note, I hope to get FatC (Félix and the Cats) in at species counterpoint and co-owned The Salty Dog in the new year. Talks are ongoing…

I will start by saying that I had never heard Mike play before, and was very impressed with his technique and feel. A true bluesman. He he is also a genuinely nice man, easy to approach and talk to, which is what is needed to be done to be part of the jam as there is no signup board.

Left to right: Jeffrey Taylor, Mike Sedgewick, me and Jeff Kahl. Thanks to Mike and Helena Cheung for the photo.


I got a chance to do 3 FatC originals after a few other guest players performed, including a fiery set by Frank Consentino. I mention him in particular as current FatC drummer Greg Anzelc has played with Frank in the past.

Small world–wouldn’t want to paint it though. That’s Greg’s day job. Kudos to the band for more than just keeping up despite brand new songs for them and no charts.

The next blues jam is January 20, and I hope to be there again. Worth your while to be there too!

Until next week, be well!



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