Fellow Travellers – Part 6

It was a busy 3 days from Tuesday to Thursday this past week.

Soul Shine Tuesday

I previously mentioned, I was the first official guest at the Soul Shine Tuesday show at the Amsterdam Bicycle Club. For those who are new to this blog or don’t follow regularly, this show takes over the slot I had at the AB for 9 months. Hosted by the amiable and super-talented Lawrie Ingles and Henry Lees (the Soul Maître Ds), the format is now single-artist focused, with Lawrie and Henry opening the show, the feature performer doing a short set solo, then the hosts sitting in for a few tunes, and rounding off the night back on their own as SMD.

Here’s a little sample of the show.

Beach House Jammers

Each Wednesday, Tony Oldland hosts a very successful open mic at the Beach House Bar and Grill on Queen Street East. It’s a testament to Tony’s hard work and affable perseverance that he has been able to curate a high caliber of performers, bring about steady improvements to the facilities (new stage, better sound gear), and maintain interest through some inspiringly themed evenings.

Image may contain: Tony Oldland, smilingTony has been playing in a variety of bands over the last 40 years. Starting as a rookie rhythm player he developed into a versatile lead guitarist and vocalist with local groups, including the Toronto top 40 bands Careers Without College, Digits and CLOUD-9. For three years as the guitar-hero of R & B band DOMINO, rounded out his skills and took them to semi finalist status on Canada’s Got Talent. The indefatigable Tony brings a wide variety of authentic guitar and synthesizer tones to his 80’s band The Beach Town Brats (which not only features Tony, but also Félix and the Cats drummer Chris Bender and ABC songwriters’ Circle alumnus Chris Scian), plus maintains two Beatles tribute bands, The Beachles and DanceBeatles, and gets hired regularly as a substitute guitarist for orher bands.

The Cats got a nice extended set this past Wednesday, with a bonus of sitting in as backup band for another ABC SWC guest, Karen Wilde. Great fun for all!

The Stuff of Legends

Wednesday had me back after a long break at Legends Thursday Night Jam for some loopy madness and a great singalong of Mister Juicy Fruit by Fraz Milne and Sal Indigo.

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

Daytime activities continued unabated with two recording sessions: one for Leanna Yamada and the other for John Mahler, for vocal tracks and final mixing. Things went well although I wish ManCave Studio were air conditioned. I will let you know as soon as these are available online.

Gig Alert!

This coming Saturday, August 11, the Cats are back for an acoustic inspired gig at the Dock on Queen. The show gets under way at 9, and it’s a pay what you can (and want to). We really look forward to playing this show as the club has a great vibe, and nice acoustics. Please join us!

See you there and be well!


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