The Lightpipe at the End of the Tunnel

Image of Glowing Tip of Optical Fiber in Communication ...
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Another cryptic title, yeah. Let me briefly explain. Lightpipe is the standard for optical digital transfer between devices, in this case my Saffire Pro 26 and a rented Saffire October MK II that expands the number of mics I can use from 4 to 12, handy when recording drums which need a lot of mics for modern recording.

Last Friday, I had finally managed to corral the Cats for a session, and although I had tested the system in a previous one-on-one with drummer Chris Bender, for some reason, the full-on session proved a bust recording-wise (although a good social and strategic meet with Chris and NeMo, but still…). After much recabling and head-scratching, I recalled that the test I had done used a different cable for the optical link (yup, I can see eyes glazing over from here). Long and boring story made short, swapping the cable sorted things out, but not after everyone had gone home.

On the positive side, we are all meeting again for the next Beach House Jammers show tomorrow, August 1, for a few songs and synchronizing calendars. The show is at the Beach House, which I spoke of in an earlier post, and now hosted by the talented, energetic and resourceful Tony Oldland, who will be the topic of next week’s blog, this time hopefully back to its regular scheduled Sunday release.

Tonight at the ABC

I am chuffed to be the first guest of the official new Tuesday Amsterdam Bicycle Club songwriters’ night, now hosted by the Soul Maître Ds, and rechristened Soul Shine Tuesdays. The SMDs are Lawrie Ingles and Henry Lees, both former guests of my old ABC SWC, and highly respected and gifted songwriters, as well as the nicest folk who could ever hope to meet. I hope to see a bunch of ya there!Image may contain: 2 people

So it’s a date? Be well!


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