Herding Cats

ABC WC BannerThe last round at the ABC Songwriters’ Circle is in the bag. You can read more about it on its own page here, which will remain up for a a little while longer.

Recording Update

It’s proving a challenge to get the entire band together frequently for recording purposes. Fortunately, modern recording equipment and techniques allow for each musician to come in and lay down tracks on his own, which seems to be the process that will have to be taken to get the job done. A few rentals have beefed up the capabilities so that the drums can be recorded the “modern” way for more control, as much as I’m a fan of retro approaches. A quick test last week proved very encouraging, and everything bodes well for a possible fall release. It looks like “When (Is It Time To Go)” may be the first song to be done. To find out what that one sounds like, you could join us at the Dock On Queen on August 11 at 9 for a special unplugged-ish performance.

We hope you will put that on your calendar.

Be well!


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