ManCave Studio v2

As mentioned last week, I have been making changes to the layout at the olde ManCave Studio. Here is the update.

IMG_0579 2.jpgThe main change was relocating the control desk symmetrically in the centre of the space. That and the application of the ARC (advanced Room Correction) system made a significant improvement to the imaging and clarity of the mixes, so things are looking and sounding good! The drums were tucked into the corner, still having enough space to be played but not consuming the whole back end as before. Gear that had been hidden on the right of the drums behind the blanket is now piled up to the left of the desk (just off camera above) and across from the vocal “nook”. The listening couch is now squarely entered in front of the monitors for guests’ improved listening. I have a session scheduled later in the week so should be able to report back on how it is working out.

A special big thank you goes out to Ian Brown who donated some great gear this weekend: an Audio Technica ATM87R boundary microphone (commonly called a PZM) which has some interesting characteristics and may end up adding to drum recording, an Alesis NanoVerb and an Alesis NanoCompressor. These latter two may end up in the live setup. Some research is required.


Canada Day

It would be considered distinctly un-Canadian to boast I live in the best (or nearly so according to the U.S. News annual Best Countries Report) country the world. Still, to politely celebrate our fabulous Canuckness, and torrid temperatures, good friend and performer has invited a bunch of musicos and relations to his place for pool dips, BBQ, plus a 6:30 performance at Stan Wadlow Park as The Johnny Blue Trio, with special guests Loudon Sharpe the Fifth and vocalist extraordinaire Donna Flynn. Sal will debut the brand new “East York Song”, so join us on the lawn this evening.

This Week at the ABC Songwriters’ Circle

This past Tuesday was a great show, great audience, including a lovely Scouse couple on holidays here, and a few dancers too! The perfect night at the Amsterdam Bicycle Club. Thanks to fans and friends who came to catch the show and to the band who let me be a wannabee Marwill for a bit! Just wished I’d remembered to have the “Move Like Brett” competition.

This coming Tuesday, we will explore more degrees of separation with my guests, Bella Larsen, Cedarstrip Rocketship (aka Daniel Taylor), and Phillip Vonesh plus one. Songs and stories and so much more, as the Polka Door them would say.

Do join us and be well!


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