It was a great week for music.

Last Tuesday’s ABC SWC was loads of fun (more below), then Wednesday, Mrs. Félix and the Cats and I met with friends to catch a live performance by The Pursuit of Happiness at East Lynn Park, graciously sponsored by the Danny BIA. Opening for them was Jerry Leger, whom I mentioned just recently as part of my triptych series. Moe Berg and band were in great form, and I was pleasantly reminded of how many hit songs they put out, and what an iconic sound they have, with second guitarist Kris Abbott and vocalist Renee Suchy providing uniquely original female backing vocals that are instantly recognizable as TPOH.


This past Thursday Leanna Yamada was back at ManCave Studio with violinist Daniela Gassi to add strings to one of her tracks. Despite the hot studio conditions, we managed to put in a solid 5 hour session and the results were impressive. I hope to share the mix with you soon. Daniela added inspired violin and viola tracks to take the song to a whole new level. There were a lot of smiles, some tears of joy, a highly enjoyed gin rickey.

daniela.jpgDaniela plays viola regularly in the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra, as well as in semi-professional orchestras in and around Toronto.  She also performs with Brampton Music Theatre, playing violin in the pit orchestra for their musical productions. Outside of the classical realm, Daniela also performs as part of pop rock ensemble Three Seasons and the Move, and plays violin in many other indie bands (whoever needs violin). If you want to hear her live, she will be performing later this month with Ryan Bonner (Tides On Earth) and Leanna at the upcoming Music in the Park festival in Brooklin, Ontario on July 26th.

This Week at the ABC Songwriters’ Circle

Where does this talent keep coming from? Well, yeah, Australia in one case but also plenty of homegrown too! Thanks to TC FolkpunkSabrina Soares and Ash Gallia for thoughtful and heartfelt songs and beautiful harmonies too this past Tuesday.

This coming week, we will explore more degrees of separation with my guests Cedarstrip Rocketship (aka Daniel Taylor), Phillip Vonesh with Annie Faiella, and late replacement and returning guest Fraz Milne. Songs and stories and so much more, as the Polka Door theme would say.

We’d love to say you there! Be well!


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