I want to thank the kind and wakeful people who came out to yesterday’s show at the Amsterdam Bicycle Club last night. We get that it can be challenging to come out when the show doesn’t even begin until 11:00 PM, so good on you! We appreciate it.

This was the première of new drummer Chris Bender who surpassed all my expectations, already high, and played like a champ, as did NeMo who was also having a great time! The club was happy and we are back there on May 26.


Out and About

This past Thursday, I attended my first Franc’Open Mic at the Rivoli, which was a packed house. I got to play my songs in the penultimate position and they seemed to have been well received by the audience who stuck it out for the whole show. I caught some great talent, Frédéric Boutin, Kyris Mignotet, and Franck Soulane who will be my guests for of a special ABC Songwriters’ Circle on May 22, dedicated to French song. Now I only have to translate or write 4 more of mine…

This Week at the ABC Songwriters’ Circle

We had our best crowd ever for great show this past Tuesday night at The Amsterdam Bicycle Club. Fun chats and awesome songs by all. Thanks to Dan Boggs for his generosity and wit, Scott Kv for energy and unbridled enthusiasm (and making the trek in from Oakville), and Veronica Sabah for wowing everyone with great songs and a killer voice.

This week, I will welcome Daniel James Clarke, Sahel Usin Rojas and Tara Smylie. Check out their bios on the Songcircle page.

Hope to see you at the show!

Be well!




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