img_0384.jpgI am considering retirement after this actual windfall tip donation for four of us at a recent show, shown here. Some will go towards guitar picks and the rest I am considering as a charitable donation to the Toronto Musical Indifference Society.

Please enjoy this first of April day!

This Week at the ABC Songwriters’ Circle

The night of the Major 7th! Thanks to last night’s talented performers, Daniel James Clarke, Sahel Usin Rojas and Tara Smylie for a amazingly diverse set of songs. Everyone brought an truly different approach to songwriting despite the occasional common above-mentioned chord, which was the unifying thread perhaps. This never gets old!

This week, I will welcome Boris BuhotGeorge Lazarus, and particularly Mary Stewart who, as an experienced song circle host, provided me some very good advice when I first started this weekly event. I hope I live up to the standards of her shows.

FatCats Live at the Black Swan

For those who know me, or simply check out my Facebook profile, you may be aware that my birthday is fast approaching. So what better way to celebrate that than to come to the next Félix and the Cats show at the Black Swan this Saturday, April 7 at 9:00 (no cover – pay-what-you-want). We hope to see a good bunch of you there and appreciate the support!

FatC Black Swan Apr 7

Until then, be well!


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