ManCave Musings

It’s been an increasingly busy time at ManCave Studio over the last few weeks. Having started it as a solitary activity, it now has expanded and I’ve recorded four different artists for a variety of demos, which I hope will be shared at some point in the future (I leave that to them as that is their copywritten© right). Below is a panoramic view of the space where, as the trope goes, “the magic happens”.

I want to thank Sal Indigo, Leanna Yamada/Chuck Majic and band, Houndbelly (aka Three Minutes to Forever) and Gary Edward Allen with entrusting me with their songs and hopefully contributing to their vision. I am learning a lot!

A panoramic view of ManCave Studio. Cozy but lovable.

Stirring It Up! Secret Santa Style

A few weeks ago Stir It Up Sunday co-host David Macmichael put out an interesting challenges to the Relish Regulars©, whereupon we would draw names of our fellow regs and cover one of their songs at an upcoming SIUS. I was delighted to pick Jace Traz (aka All Dressed) as my coveree, and have been diligently attempting to chart and copy the lyrics of my selected gem. I have already decided that messing about with Jace’s approach was not on, as all his tunes are masterfully crafted. Rather, it will be an hommage that I hope will do it justice. Maybe tonight? We’ll see.

FYI, Jody Ferrer has picked me to cover. Looking forwards to that too!

Out and About This Week

Made it out to Sauce on Monday to catch ace keyboardist and FatC alumnus Alan Zemaitis sitting in with the Out of Towners, an awesome roots instrumental group. A quick subway ride to Broadview to catch Tyler Ellis at Dora Keogh turned out to be for nought as he is up north somewhere recording his next album.

Thursday got me out again to try out a new toy, a Behringer GDI21, an amp emulator/DI box that I expect will make it more schlep-friendly to do open mics on electric guitar. Cheap and friendly! I was able to chat with man-about-town Gary17 briefly and catch the terrific Kayt Lucas accompanied by Michael Menegon as the featured act that night. I am happy to report that Kayt will be a guest at the ABC songcircle on April 24, and Michael possibly at a later date.

This Week at the ABC Songwriters’ Circle

Last Tuesday at The Amsterdam Bicycle Club featured Mahta Moattari, Jordan Paul and Leanna Yamada. I was great fun both listening to my guests and laying on atmospherics to all their songs last night. Jordan is quiet adept at it and it was challenging figuring out how best to make that work. Killer voice too! Mahta up close is both fragile and intense; very interesting combination. Leanna, whom I know well from the “day job”, gave a great performance, probably one of the best I’ve heard. Nice to hear her work on her personal material.

This week, my guests are Dan Boggs, Veronica Sabah and Scott Kvasni. For a brief summary of last week’s show and bios of my upcoming guests, click on the ABC Songwriters’ Circle page.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the FatCat (the all-members version of Félix & the Cats) shows March 24 at the Amsterdam Bicycle Club and April 7 at the Black Swan!

Be well!



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