Old Cats, New Tricks

Bob and LucyThis is a short one as there are family celebrations today, namely a birthday for a certain loved one, pictured much younger on the right (and me too it seems). So a lot of housekeeping awaits. Still, there are a few things to briefly touch on, so here goes.

Out and About

Since I have been back at the day job on a temp basis for the last two+ weeks, extracurricular outings have been curtailed somewhat. However, as my last contract ended this past Thursday, a visit to Legends was in order to kick up my heels. There was certain pent up energy to this one, needless to say.

Upcoming Shows

I’ve already announced the Full-Félix & the Cats shows in a prior blog (also listed in the sidebar), but I thought I’d share with you the posters. I really am looking forward to these two shows as it will be the all-out electric version of the Cats. Stay tuned for reminders on the various social media.

ABC Songwriters’ Circle

Last Tuesday was a special show in harmony with International Women’s Day. Show #18 this coming week on Tuesday Night at The Amsterdam Bicycle Club will feature Mahta Moattari, Jordan Paul and Leanna Yamada. For a brief summary of last week’s show and bios of my upcoming guests, click on the ABC Songwriters’ Circle page.

Please take a moment to enter the show dates that appeal to you in your calendars, and subscribe to this page for all the latest. Thanks!

Be well!


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