Celebration Day

Two years now…

That’s how long this weekly blog has been going. I would have never believed I could be that consistent, and I have to recognize first and most importantly of all Mrs. FatC for her encouragement, expertise and patience as I retreat to the ManCave® to scribe away for “just a few minutes” the latest post. I also want to acknowledge the many performers who have inspired stories on this blog (and maybe a song or 2), and the venues in which they have performed.

Thank you all!

Two, Four, Six, Eight! Who Do We Appreciate?

No automatic alt text available.However, two years pales in comparison with the eight years Stir-It-Up-Sunday has been a favourite of musicians throughout the city. I wrote a post in 2016 specifically praising the venue, and my high opinion has not diminished since. Gary 17/Orbit/Webb writes more extensively about it in Toronto Moon, which I invite you to check out. I recall first going to SIUS way back in its early days when Phil Jacobs (whose son Ayden was mentioned in a post a few weeks back) was hosting with Paul Brennan. With the advent of David Macmichael, the show entered its golden age, IMHO, to a great extent due to the chemistry between David and Paul, their talent and their generosity.

Thank you Gary for bringing this to my attention today, and the shout-out in the article. I am changing my plans for the evening and will be at Relish, perhaps singing the song below (hey, where else can I sing it?) as my thank you to the bar that allowed me to return to music. Please join me there if you can and sing along with the chorus!

Relish Bar & Grill ©2018 R. Pelletier/Félix & the Cats

Verse 1
It’s another quiet East End Sunday night
The dinner’s eaten, the dishes have been cleaned
I kiss my wife, and say goodnight
Put on my coat and leave to chase my dream

Verse 2
It stands at Danforth where it meets Cedarvale
Some folks outside are smoking funny cigarettes
I walk in past the stage and order up an ale
No matter how it goes, there should be no regrets

Some come to chill
At Relish Bar & Grill
Some for the thrill
At Relish Bar & Grill
Come for the food,
Get in the mood
Stay for the music
At Relish Bar & Grill
At Relish Bar & Grill

Verse 3
Endings ‘R’ Us will keep you entertained
David and Paul, always magnificent
And invite us back with the same refrain
For something similar yet completely different


Sometimes a place
Can make all the difference
And change your life
In surprising ways
It takes some faith
And lots of perseverance
At Stir It Up Sunday!

Verse 1 reprise
It’s another quiet East End Sunday night
The dinner’s eaten, the dishes have been cleaned
I kiss my wife, and say goodnight
Put on my coat and leave to chase my dream

Chorus and out

ABC Songwriters’ Circle Update

This week will be my seventeenth show, and it’s a special one as this is my first show with an all-star-female cast. I look forward to what that dynamic will create. Please join me and Sandra Bouza, Elana Harte and Sarah Siddiqui this Tuesday for another unpredictable and original evening of song and story. There should be more than a few. See their impressive bios here.

Do join us and be well!


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