Quietly Busy

820100841I have kept my head down and my nose to the grindstone this week as, although I am officially retired, I take on occasional work to help with expenses, like the new (used) car recently purchased and mentioned in last week’s blog.

So, with that theme in mind, here’s another demo celebrating everyone with a day job.

Things Will Be Alright ©2010 R. Pelletier/Félix & the Cats 

Verse 1
You work hard
Five days a week
Like you’re drawing water
But your bucket has a leak
Like you push that rock
To the very top
When you think you’re done
You just watch it drop

Leave your work behind
Take time to unwind
When you’re home tonight
Things will be alright

Verse 2
If you get a raise
It’s just taxed away
If you get a new job
It’s at half the pay
Like you’re running fast
But you’re standing still
Like digging a hole
That you’ll have to fill


Do you feel the world
Heavy on your back?
Do you wish it would
Cut you some more slack?
It can always wait
Until you get back
Things will be alright

Verse 3
If the stone is grinding
Away at your nose
Lift it off the wheel
To smell the rose
If you really think
Each thing has its place
Then it’s just as plain
As the nose on your face


So on that note, don’t work too hard, and enjoy life! I fervently hope that might include stopping by the Amsterdam Bicycle Club for another special Songwriters’ Circle evening of song with guests Michael Butcher, Neil MacNaughton and Chloe Watkinson.

Be well!


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