No Rest for the Weary

It’s amazing how busy one can be on an off week. Despite there being no ABC Songwriters’ Circle due to Hallowe’en, things were not idle.

Stir It Up Sundays

Last Sunday started the week with a long delayed return to Relish for Stir It Up Sundays. As well as playing the usual “standards” — for me at least, I had the great pleasure of sitting in with upcoming ABC Songcircle guest Michael Cuddy for a couple of his tunes to “shred”. Not sure about shredding; mostly those end up in my cereal bowl, but I hope I provided what he was hoping for.

Chelsea Reed Record Launch

Monday was a big night for another upcoming guest, Chelsea Reed, who was launching her album at Braddock’s. It was an incredible evening of quality songs, which I very much look forward to asking Chelsea about on November 14. I was also wowed by opening performer Danielle Knibbe, and if she is reading this, very much welcome to be a part of the ABC Songwriters’ Circle. Just email me here if you are reading this, Danielle! It was a treat to listen and see perform such wonderfully talented, smart and sensitive artists.

This video doesn’t exist

Danielle Knibbe band performing Come Back Home.

Chelsea Reed band performing Empty Hearts.

Beach House Première

Thursday was my première at the Beach House, which I have written about previously. While there wasn’t a big turnout that evening —perhaps I should have promoted more—the aucience was attentive and appreciative. Thanks to Karl and Billy Zee for making it possible, and to fellow traveller Tony Oldland for coming out and for the video of Mr. Juicy Fruit, in a live solo version you can watch here (sorry, I can’t embed this one). I look forward to performing there again.

As the show was from 8:00 to 10:00 PM, I seemed to have some excess energy, so I scooted over to Gary and Amber’s Legends Open Mic for a last quick set of tunes. Thanks to both for letting me wind out a little more than usual. It felt good!

Tyler and Sal

Friday, flush with the proceeds of the Beach House gig, it was back to Relish to catch a set of  Tyler Ellis, playing with a stripped down version of the Eddy Line with John McLean on guitar and bass, and the formidable Paul Brennan on drums. I was reminded again why I like his songs so much, and I urge you to make it down to the Amsterdam Bicycle Club this Tuesday, November 7, to hear for yourselves. Add m.e. law and Lilly Mason, and you have the elements of an extraordinary night of music.

As much as I wished to stay, I also wanted to catch Sal Indigo in one of his rarer full band performances, with Tim Killer Kelly on bass and Jack the Animal Pepe on drums, at Basso’s Blues Room on Queen East. Despite some contradictory messaging concerning the venue’s closing (a shame if it happens), they did in fact play the show, and even let me sit in for a final set. Thanks, Sal, Tim and Jack!

I must leave you to prep for this Tuesday’s show, which again, I encourage all of you to attend.

Until then, or next week, be well!


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