Food for Thought

Left to right: Jessica Stuart, Tyler Ellis, m.e. law and me. Photo by Sal Indigo.

Last week’s ABC Songwriters’ Circle (#3 for those counting) continues to live up to my best hopes for a fun and unique way for local songwriters to perform in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere. Thanks to m.e. law, Tyler Ellis and especially Jessica Stuart, who graciously stepped in last minute. It’s still immensely flattering to me that such wonderfully talented people would even want to share the stage with me, never mind sing along to one of my silly songs. But they do, and I am hugely grateful. A sample to prove it below. Thanks for the video, Sal!

Wednesday: Ruby Watchco with the Spare Parts

Wednesday was a long delayed, and sensorily satisfying evening at one of Toronto’s best restaurants, chefs Lynn Crawford and Laura Kirk‘s Ruby Watchco. This is one of those places where the menu is set for each evening, and there are no choices, other than with or without wine pairing. Call it gourmet family dining. It was an amazing meal, made even better by the great attention of the staff—Mary, Hugh, Trinette, et al—some of whom are fellow travellers, and the entertainment provided by the Spare Parts, with Alan Zemaitis on organ, Kyle Sullivan on drums, Andrew Boulos on bass, and Dan Mock on guitar. These guys are kept super busy in various bands, and deservedly so. Alan not only grew up on my street, but was also part of my big birthday bash group a few years back. We will be back!

Friday: Relish for Michael Cuddy

Upcoming ABC guests David Macmichael (November 14) and brilliantfish (November 21) were the rhythm section for Michael Cuddy‘s (December 5) feature show at Relish. Along with Wayne Smith (aka Wayne Neon), they put on a great show that featured new material as well as some favourites, such as Sink or Swim, a live snippet of which is included below.

Meanwhile, across town and unbeknownst to me until the next day, my favourite cover band, the Lonely Hearts, of whom I’ve written of before, were at the Royal Ontario Museum playing for their Friday Night Live event. #FNLROM. That set up two challenges: how can one be in two places at once, and how do you get such a great gig?

ABC Songcircle #4

footerAnother outstanding Tuesday is coming up with Chelsea Reed, Jace Traz and the aforementioned David Macmichael performing. For their bios, please go to the songcircle page, but more importantly, come down to the show. It is a great and one-of-a-kind performance, guaranteed to please.

Hoping to see you there, so be well!


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