Sophomore Serendipity

There is no ABC Songwriters’ Circle this Tuesday, October 31, as they have a Halloween event planned, but it will be back on November 7, with guests Tyler Ellis, m.e. law, and Lilly Mason. I’m very excited about this one, and I urge you to make it down for what I am confident will be an amazing evening.

So, if you are searching for something to do this week, do come out to the Beach House, which I wrote about here previously, have some dinner, and catch a set or more of yours truly solo on Thursday, November 2. The show starts at 8.

Songwriters’ Circle #2

The second ABC Songwriters’ Circle had a very different feel than the first, as the music was more ecclectic than the blues-based début. This is a good thing! Although I try to blend guests that will work well together, it doesn’t mean that they sound the same, and the variety is to a large extent what makes the evening unique. Each artist may come in with a set list, although I may through him/her off track with a request or idea, but the ensemble becomes synergistically original. At least that is what is aimed for.

Thanks to spouse, garden coach and expert photographer Helen Battersby‘s skills on the iPhone, here are videos of each performer’s opening song below. Enjoy!

Until next week, be well!


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