A Good Start

ABC #1
L to R: Ryan Schmidt, Sal Indigo, me and Sam Taylor after ABC Songwriters’ Circle #1 October 17, 2017. (Photo courtesy Fraz Milne)

I’m really chuffed about the first ABC Songwriters’ Circle show last week. By all accounts, it was a great mix of performers, and entertaining for all the friends who attended, some of whom will be on the same stage later in the fall. I am very grateful to Ryan, Sal and Sam for doing this for such small financial reward, and particularly to Sam who very professionally dealt with a challenge before the show.

Ryan’s grittiness and heartfelt singing and playing have never sounded so good, and the acoustic format really allowed the lyrics to shine through. Sal’s wittiness and raconteur skills were a perfect fit for the evening. Sam surprised and impressed us all with some excellent new material—I thought I knew his entire repertoire—that he will be performing with his new group Gem. All three were gracious and generous with their time, and I appreciate the positive comments about my songs during the course of the evening.

The next show is this Tuesday, October 24, 2017 from 9-12PM. Guests are Fraz Milne, T.C. Folkpunk and Greg Todd (check out the links for their music). It promises to be another great evening. More information on these artists is available on the ABC Songwriters’ Circle page. Please tell your friends and come on down!

As mentioned above, Sam Taylor has a new venture called Gem. I had a chance to catch their début, performing on the same bill as upcoming Circle guest Lilly Mason, and surprise guests Altameda at the Supermarket this past Wednesday. Until Tuesday, hopefully, be well! I’ll leave you with a little sample of something funky from Sam.



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