Fish or Cut Bait

My first evening hosting the ABC Songwriters’ Circle is almost here. While very exciting, it’s also a big responsibility to showcase the guests in the best possible way, as it’s their show, not mine. I’m just along for the ride. The next few days, and indeed the next many weeks will be in great part dedicated to listening to my guests’ material and reading their websites, so as to best prepare for their appearance. It’s very important to me that ALL guests finish the night feeling the experience was worthwhile, cause they sure aren’t doing it for the money!

Image from Not the actual tip box at the ABC.

Speaking of which, for anyone attending as part of the audience at the Amsterdam Bicycle Club, note there is a “tip box” to the left of the stage next to the exit. You are warmly invited to show your appreciation to the artists on stage,  if you like what you hear, by making a contribution on your way out or during the intermission. Thank you!

Show #1 lineup is on the ABC Songwriters’ Page, with bios of the performers, and updates to upcoming shows. Check it out!

Finally, a shout out to Gary 17. He and I have been conversing for a while, and I made the commitment to subscribe to his online Toronto Moon Magazine. The reason is partly because of the extras I get from the subscription, but mostly it is a recognition of the extraordinary effort he puts into peparing the daily updates on who-is-playing-where that I have quite often referenced for free! As artists, we are quick to recognize that we invest a lot of work and skill into our craft, and therefore expect some return for it. Same can be said for information. Writing this short weekly blog has given me some insight into what Gary puts forth daily, which is considerably more work. In the end, it’s only $0.16 a day! This is just my opinion and have no benefits coming back to me for saying it.

Please do try make it down to the Amsterdam Bicycle Club this Tuesday for Sal Indigo, Sam Taylor, Ryan Schmidt and me. I hope to make it the beginning of something very special!

Until then or next week, be well!


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