This week was fairly quiet so the post will be correspondingly brief. Let’s go backwards in time, okay?

Starting this afternoon, the missus and I saw the new Wonder Woman film, which lived up to expectation. The only false note was a musical one, pun intended. For context, and trying to avoid spoilers, there is a scene set in a Belgian village where they are playing music in the village square. The time is 1918, just a few weeks away from the signing of the Armistice, so we are somewhere in late October or early November.

The interesting selection of material is “Sous les ponts de Paris“, performed by Lucienne Delyle (according to the movie soundtrack). The song itself is fine, as it was composed in 1913 (lyrics Jean Rodor, music by Vincent Scotto). The problem is that Delyle was born in April 1913, making her either a precocious 5 year old when the song was recorded and available for playback in the Belgian village square, or the film makers were simply sloppy. I vote for option2.

Photo by Mary-Elizabeth Gilbert

This past Tuesday, I was (again) at the Linsmore to see good buddy T.C. Folkpunk perform at Indie Tuesdays. Tim was hale and healthy thanks to the Jameson diet, and not only rose to the occasion, but was literally lifted higher by the brand new stage the fine folks at the Linsmore have just had installed. Not only does the stage make the performer more visible, and better lit, the sound seems to also benefited. I am very much looking forward to my next show there on Tuesday, June 27, sharing the bill with Timothy Prueter and Sal Indigo. Please put it on your calendar!

Timothy Prueter 

Sal Indigo

It’s nice to see the Linsmore pushing back against the trend by increasing their support of live music. If this is an anachronism, then let’s do the time warp again.

Until our next temporally ordained re-acquaintance, be well!


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