Could Not (and Did Not) Say It Better Myself

Hello again! First the social update:

It’s been another busy week of burning the candle at both ends, with two open mic/late nights back-to-back. Thanks again to Gary Edward Allen for the Thursday Legends event, which seems to be picking up steam. Just need to get players out a bit earlier.

Tiffany Fairbairn

I took advantage of a quiet moment to slip out with T.C. Folkpunk to catch a set by the excellent Katey Morley and band, then back to Legends for powerful sets by Tiffany Fairbairn, Amber Durette (thanks for letting me sit in), and further late night jamming and silliness with colourful local favourites. I have written about Tiffany (aka Lucy at the time) last September and it was great to hear her again and talk a bit about drummers!

Gary Edward Allen and Amber Durette plus yours truly covering “Rocking Mountain Way (including a an interruption with me futilely searching for a slide bar). Thanks to Jen Murphy for photos and video!

Friday night, I rendezvous’d with buddy Sal Indigo to strategize our upcoming show June 27 at the Linsmore, and play a few tunes at the relocated Friday Night Blues Jam, hosted by Mike Sedgwick at the Salty Dog Tavern. Sal had a great set. For me, maybe it was fatigue, or the amp was set too loud, but the vocals just did not carry over. Live and learn.

Now for the topic at hand. Last February, I posted a piece called Music City? that undertook to discuss the challenges of being a musician in these times of easy and “free” access and a corresponding diminished valuation of the arts. The lovely and talented Mrs. Félix sent me a link to an article from the Daily Beast that does a much better job of explaining this, particularly for the composers in the digital age. I posted it earlier in the week on my personal Facebook page, and have linked it below for your reading pleasure.


Until next week, be well!



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