Yes, I know…it’s late. Sorry!

Part of the reason was a busy work week, which took me to Québec City, accompanying a group of 11 and 12 year-olds on a an excursion. Short version: the kids were excited but nice. No worries there.

The revelation came on Thursday evening when we went L’érablière in Lac Beauport for a French-Canadian dinner and maple taffy tasting (followed by marshmallow roasting over a bonfire — kids, sugar and pointed sticks; what could go wrong?
15590441_10154010462485863_5436514906929687339_nDuring dinner, we were entertained by a bearded chansonnier in a checked shirt, playing guitar on his own and singing in both English and French. Good thing the prudish Anglos didn’t understand the lyrics to the second verse of Plume Latraverse’s Retour à la Terre.

Having first hand knowledge of how challenging handling these kids can be, I was very impressed by this performer’s ability to engage not only my group of three dozen, but two other groups as well. That’s when I realized he would be the subject of this blog: another “Fellow Traveller”.

Turns out his name is Charles (Chuck) Lehoullier. I only spoke with him briefly, enough to get his okay to write this, but beyond that had to research him the usual googly way. I seems he was a DJ on a local radio station, and from what he said, he was working on an album. So far, I cannot find any samples of his music, but I am hoping he will let me know when something is ready and I will link to it. All I can say from the material he played is that he has the voice and presence to carry over a large group of noisy kids. Well done!

IMG_0005 (1)
Entre deux bécosses – faut le faire!

Anyway, the point of all this, as I touched on in Fellow Travellers Part 4 post, is that performing in all its forms, originals, covers, dinner music, kids entertainer, etc. requires dedication and hard work. If the audience is appreciative, then one has done the job. Chuck did.

Charles, mon ami, si tu lis ceci, laisse-le moi savoir!

Coming later this week and likely to be topics on the next blog:

18057164_10158658533250594_341610855107340475_nThe first ever open mic at Legends on the Danforth, Thursday, May 4, 2017, hosted by Gary Edward Allen.

I will be there along with Susanne Maziarz Tony Oldland Scar-Bro Pete Jana Teovano Cristian Cioata Anita Tank Phil Larkin Stratos Grigorakos Nick Papalambropoulos and Tiffany Fairborn. Awesome lineup!


18194078_10154324084036402_3652729976180979529_nFriday, I am seeing the fabulous Hermina George with Circle 5 at Dora Keogh Irish Pub, and will report on that show, and my connection to Hermina in Sunday’s blog.

Somehow, I have to fit in Hot Docs films in between. Should be busy but very interesting. So, until next week, be well!




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