And Now For Something Completely Different

Just a short piece this week.

Last Thursday, I went to catch Leanna Yamada’s show at the Amsterdam. It’s a shame so few made it out as Leanna and Chuck were in top form.

Last night’s show at Relish was the first time FatC delivered an “acoustic” show fully intentionally (although we did perform that way a few months back as a virus had bedridden our drummer at the last minute). Safe to say things went well. Crowd was good (thanks all from all sides of my life). NeMo was his usual fun self on bass. I can’t say enough good things about how he energizes the performance for me. It looks like we may be doing more “unplugged duo” shows at the least in the near future. In fact our next is a showcase at the Eton House May 25. Times and details to come.

Today, prior to writing this post, I made the rounds of a few new possible venues, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

That’s it this week…brief and sweet. Be well!



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