FatC2017RELISHThis Saturday April 22, 2017 is an auspicious date for FatC: it will be my third annual birthday bash at Relish Bar and Grill, the crucible of this little adventure in musciland. Ongoing gratitude goes out to Mary Stewart and Johanne Clayton who both took a chance on me, even despite occasional less-than-stellar open mic appearances. Shoehorned onto that event will be the first official celebration of my imminent retirement from the DAY JOB©, which I have decided to stretch out until the actual date occurs at then end of June.

NeMo and I have decided to make this special and different, so it will be worth your while to come — hint: the picture is misleading. Please arrive early as the place is busy with the dinner crowd; in fact, best is to reserve for dinner. Entertainment this week until we get on at 9:30 will be provided by singer/songwriter The Voyageur. Make of it an evening: great food and TWO performing acts!

If you have a chance to get out on the town earlier in the next week, work friend and fellow traveller Leanna Yamada is at the Amsterdam Bicycle Club this Thursday, April 20, 2017 at 10 PM. I’ll see you there!

Some have asked me what is next after retirement. The answer to that will be the subject of a future blog. Until then, be well!


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