Work Friend

This week’s blog is coming to you from the hot and sunny Dominican Republic. I wish I could say it will be about some hot band I saw performing here, but alas, the reason for me being here are less entertaining, and much more personal. So instead, let me tell you about last Tuesday at the Linsmore (in context, it feels very weird writing this). The evening had the customary three acts. 

First up was Richard Charles Moulaison whose powerful voice occasionally verged into Joe Cocker territory. Good territory!

Then came Marinol Nation, or a chunk of it anyway, who had traveled from Sarnia for this show. Great lyrics; Two Snakes and Should Have Been Dead stood out for me and exemplified their raconteur approach to writing. 

Finally, and the main reason I was there was singer Leanna Yamada, accompanied my Chuck Majic on the guitar. Leanna is a work friend (Tyler Ellis‘ has an great song on that subject with his own twist on it). She began working at my school this past September. I will not be appropriate to do a performance appraisal here and now, but it’s safe to say the kids and parents really like her. 

I have seen Leanna and Chuck perform before, and vice versa, so it’s easy for us to share contacts for gigs, update each other on when we are next performing and sound each other out on various musically related topics. 

Last Tuesday was the best I have seen and heard. The focus was there, the energy was up, and the confidence and coordination much more palpable. It was great to see Leanna play guitar for a song as this gave Chuck more room to improvise for his solos. I hope to see more of that. 

I am told that Chuck and Leanna met at university and struck up a musical friendship from a common desire to write and perform their own compositions. I’d say it has worked well so far, and even better is to come.

Here is a bit of a song to give you some idea.

Before signing off, thanks again to Sam Taylor for a vocal intervention house call this past week. I’m hoping to put some extra focus and effort into that aspect of the performance. These things take time, so please don’t expect miracles overnight, but I am trying. 

Until next week, I am off to the pool. Be well!

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