When Worlds Collide


Last week, I had intended a post on today’s topic, which got put off because of the death of Chuck Berry. Here it is now.

Earlier this month, the band did a show at the Linsmore Tavern as part of the Indie Tuesday Series. After our set,  Mrs. Félix-and-the-Cats points out to me a nice young man the audience, whom she had recognized from earlier in the week, as she had spoken to him and his father at Canada Blooms, the biggest garden show in the country.

Mrs. Félix-and-the-Cats, a very dedicated garden writer/blogger and consultant (check out the linked sites!), had been at the show to hear (and later give) a presentation, and had spoken with the aforementioned young man, Ben Cullen, and his father Mark.

For those clueless about gardening, Ben Cullen is a horticultural consultant and presenter, and comes from an illustrious gardening family: his father Mark is a renowned garden writer, educator, broadcaster and Order of Canada  recipient, and his grandfather was Len Cullen, a horticultural pioneer in Ontario, who created Cullen Gardens & Miniature Village, a popular tourist attraction in Whitby, Ontario that was a favourite of families until its closure in 2006.

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To top it off, just this past week, we both met Ben’s aunt, Sue Cullen Green, when she introduce Mrs. Félix-and-the-Cats as the keynote speaker at an event in beautiful little Brooklin, Ontario.

Anyway, after the Linsmore set, Ben came to say hello and pay the band some very nice compliments. He had just moved back into the neighbourhood and very much enjoyed the presence of the Linsmore in the area. We had a lovely chat.

So the point of all this? The world is indeed a small place (still wouldn’t want to paint it, though) and one can meet a lot of nice people travelling through. It would not have guessed until now that there would be an intersection of my “world” and my wife’s, but I’m glad I was wrong!

On to news: new show! Please mark your calendars for Thursday, May 25, 2017, when NeMo and I will be doing a special one-hour “acoustic” set at the iconic Eton House, on Danforth, just east of Pape, as part of its M Factor Redux Weekly Indie Music Series. Hosted by the brilliantly talented Elana Harte and her band, the show starts at 8:00 — good for a school night! This will be a good one to catch rarely performed material, given the special format.

Also, don’t forget I have my Birthday & Day-Job-Retirement Bash at Relish Bar & Grill this coming April 22 (a Saturday), starting at 9:30. A very special show!

Until next week, be well!


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