Tilley Endearables

In Stratford, Ontario, at the local Tilley retailer.

This week, another song exposed: The Tilley Song – yes, needing a better title.

This one can be grouped in my “novelty” song collection, and may have a limited shelf life, depending on how long Tilley Endurables stick around. For those who don’t know what Tilley is, the company is a Canadian manufacturer of travel clothing, kind of like MEC but aimed at a different demographic. They became famous first for the hat (still outlined in their logo), then for vests worn by pro photographers around the world.

Let’s be clear: there’s nothing wrong with the clothes. It’s superbly made and lasts forever. The song is more about the impression made on us when Mrs. Félix and I visited the store a few years ago to look for travel ear for an upcoming holiday. “This store is full of old people!” we thought… yup, pot calling the kettle black. And perhaps also the strong impression that despite the “going on a safari” look, it was likely that many wearers may not subject themselves to any severe discomfort. Myself included.

Still, inspiration “goes with anywhere” as Tilley’s slogan goes, and I set to writing this simple 12-bar rock ‘n’ roll song. The lyrics are below, with some minor changes from the demo, as I continue to tweak the song. Note the links in the verses, which explain their provenance.

The Tilley Song — ©2014 R. Pelletier/Félix and the Cats 
Verse 1
It’s not receding hair
Or whiskers sprouting everywhere
It’s not the saggy butt
Or life stuck in a rut
A truer sign of aging
Could not be any clearer
You know it’s true

And it’s not pretty

I shop at Tilley’s

Yeah, I shop at Tilley’s

Keep your MEC and your Land’s End
Eddie Bauer’s just a trend
I shop at Tilley’s

Verse 2
The quick-dry underwear
The velcro everywhere
The password neatly tucked
Inside the secret pocket
Adventure wear with style
Born to be mild
I wear it for no reason
When I check in at Four Seasons

I shop at Tilley’s
Yeah, I shop at Tilley’s
Plaid and corduroy are tacky
Watch me as I rock this khaki
I shop at Tilley’s


Verse 3
Despite what you’ve been told I did not die, and I got old
I take my medication
Like my g-g-generation
I celebrate the fact
An elephant can eat my hat
And when it is ejected
It comes out unaffected

I shop at Tilley’s
Yeah, I shop at Tilley’s
As far as I can see
My clothes will outlive me
I shop at Tilley’s
I shop at Tilley’s
I shop at Tilley’s
I shop at Tilley’s

Until next week, be well!


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