Fellow Travellers – Part 2

The next best thing to playing is to see other musicians play, particularly if they’re superbly talented like those I saw this past Thursday at the Junction City Music Hall in the west end.

Left to right: Marky Beats, Chelsea Reed and Mitchell Thomson

The first act on was Chelsea Reed, a recent Australian immigrate starting to make a name for herself here in Toronto. I have seen her perform a few times, and am always struck but t
he great harmonic subtexture she provides on piano for her smooth singing. There is a engaging depth to her lyrics as well, a great pop sensibility and a candour that make it a joy to watch and listen to her. One of my new favourites!

Here is a snippet of one of the songs, I Want the World. I invite you to go to her Facebook page linked above  and check out some more. She should have a new album out soon as well, so look out for that. And see her live too!

Also on the bill were the Danger Bees, another solidly rocking band originally from Dartmouth, fronted by someone who I have mentioned before, the gifted David Macmichael — singer, songwriter, cyclist and cohost of Relish’s night Stir It Up Sunday.

Matt Leith, Marky Beats, David Macmichael, Will Meadows and Josh Gillard.

I love these guys’ energy and humour. The guitarists work superbly together, Josh Gillard holding down rhythm while injecting just the right sharply phrased counterpoint to Matt Leitch‘s intense riffing, all the while dancing all over the pedalboard. Marky Beats, who also played with Chelsea had a chance to really cut loose, while Will Meadows kept the bottom melodically tight. I may do a special feature on Will another time: the kid has chops and range. Here they are playing Plenty of Fish from their first album Wyatt.

Finally, those who follow me on Facebook may have already read about the upcoming shows. For any who haven’t, they will take place at the Amsterdam Bicycle Club on Esplanade, Saturday September 10 and again Saturday October 29. Start time is a bit late for some (10:30-ish), but well worth it as the venue is fabulous. So I hope you will make it, maybe have dinner there (The Old Spaghetti Factory) or nearby if you prefer, and you could catch a set or two… or three for the die-hards?

Until next time,



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