Félix en vélo


For those whose French is rusty or non-existent, the title of this blog means Félix on a bike, as the band will performing for the first time ever west of the Don River.

Our venue is the Amsterdam Bicycle Club on Esplanade, this coming Saturday, September 10, 2016. If that name is not familiar to you, think the Old Spaghetti Factory (it’s the front part of the restaurant). We start later than usual (10:30 ish), which may be a challenge for some of our friends, but we hope a few die-hards can make it out so we can make a good impression on the club manager!

A have some new material, and with the club’s excellent sound system, there is a good chance you will even make out the lyrics!

The band (with NEMO and Greg for this gig) is prepping hard, so it will be a good one.

See you next weekend!



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