Rehab Addendum

Last week I wrote of the rehabilitation of my “big” pedalboard.

As hinted, here is the update for the sideboard.

Thanks to a family gift, I have added an Electro Harmonix Mel9 pedal to the already too many I own. This one simulates the sound of a Mellotron, previously written about here.


This “sideboard” will add a lot of depth to the band’s sound, with the Mel9 creating keyboard-like pads, and the Ditto looper for backing for solos, drones or extra rhythm.

This demo from the manufacturer should provide a good example of the possibilities.

It should be getting a first live run at our show this coming Sunday, January 26 at the Black Swan, with special guest Chris Scian and a surprise.

Header Black Swan with Chris Scian

Gig Alert

Just picked up a new show back at a fave cozy spot, the Dock on Queen, on February 21st! Details to follow!


Be well!


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