Ghost in the Machine

Unhappy MacThis post will be brief due to some unforeseen problems with the Old Mac Pro. After a frustrating day trying to get it to reboot, I finally was successful but it required a full OS reinstall, so a lot of settings are off, and I need to go through all that.

Still, a quick run though of the week is possible, starting from the Linsmore show, which was an interesting experiment. Have always liked the sound of two amps together and have a customized setup for that, so it was nice to put it through its paces. With the looper, it made for a big sound even though I was solo. By the way, I am still looking for a a good amateur drummer that wants to be part of FatC. I define amateur in the true sense of someone who does this for love, and would be content with a less-than-pro renumeration, equitably split with the band.

Music City North

Yesterday was the annual New Year’s levee for the riding in which I live. On hand were MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, MPP Arthur Potts, and Toronto councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon. The latter is according to city records part of the Toronto Music Advisory Council whose terms of reference state:

The Toronto Music Industry Advisory Council provides a forum for the discussion of opportunities and challenges, exchange of ideas, input and advice, and development of recommendations to:

  • ensure the health, competitiveness and viability of the Toronto music sector;
  • achieve long-term sustainable economic growth and job creation;
  • develop, support and showcase talent;
  • enhance local and global positioning and branding of the city and its music sector;
  • establish Toronto as a respected global centre of excellence for music;
  • facilitate signature events; and
  • collaboratively develop positions on provincial, national and international issues.

The goals of this committee are admirable, and I fully support them (I wrote about this in a previous post). The area of concern, in my opinion, is that support at the grassroots level seems less evidently addressed. The composition of the council appears more tailored towards larger clubs and big shows, so the voice of the local bars and musicians who play in them may be not heard as clearly. Yet, like minor hockey is to the NHL, the support at the grassroots level is what will make the goals expounded in the Toronto Music Strategy sustainable. To her credit, and thanks to a recommendation by friend and avid curler Lorie Fairburn, Mary-Margaret has kindly agreed to meet to hear my thoughts on this, so I will report back once we’ve has a chance to talk.

Show to Catch Today

I am planning on making it out to the Tranzac Club in the late afternoon to catch what I am certain will be a very entertaining and original show of songs and poetry.

ROBERT PRIEST and MAX LAYTON and experience the musical wizardry of BOB COHEN, ALLAN SOBERMAN, MARY HANSON and DAVID HINES. Admission is free! There’s beer on tap! And this month our special guest will be ROB GREENWAY!!

If you’re there, I’d be happy to chat with you about the section above. The more voices I can represent, the better.

ABC Songwriters’ Circle #10

FB header ABC#10

We’re back in the saddle this Tuesday, January 16, 2018 for our first show of the new year and the first in the double digits. Please check out these amazing songwriters’ bios on the ABC SWC page here!

There is lots of energy and eagerness to get back at it, so it will be fun!

Until then, be well!


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