2017_12_03_11_49_12.pdf000While cleaning up the house the other day, Mrs. Félix & the Cats found this little gem of me in my hipster phase MANY years ago. I was struck when seeing it just how much of #1 son was there (although still only a gleam in my eye at the time), and how much less of me there was too (probably 25 lbs at least). Context being everything, I also wondered whether the toilet was a symbolic in any way. I’ll let you be the judge.

My son asked me whether I remembered this photo being taken, and I had to admit I had nada, so I am always grateful to the missus for documenting like she does so well. It did remind me though of one of my earliest recordings after discovering the joys of Garageband. I think this one dates back to 2008 + or -, so the production is a bit more shrill than I would like, and I’ve tried to quickly remaster it to smooth it out. Anyway, the lyrics and arrangements have evolved a bit since then, but the core of the song is unchanged. Check on the first verse particularly for the thematic thread.

Old Man Blues ©2008 R. Pelletier/Félix & the Cats

Verse 1
I can’t remember clearly like I used to do
The face might look familiar but I can’t tell who
You are or what you did or when it was
I just can’t recall it and it’s all because
I’m an old man, singing these old man blues.

Verse 2
I can’t hear as clearly as I used I used to do
I turn the TV up to level forty-two ninety-two
I used to hear a pin drop from a hundred feet
I’ll ask you to repeat that cause I didn’t catch it
I’m an old man, singing these old man blues.

I can’t stay out all night
I can’t stay awake
I can’t pick a fight
My bones might break
I can’t take a risk or make a big mistake
At my age
There’s just too much at stake.

Verse 3
I can’t hold my liquor like I used to do
I could drink a dozen, now I’m down to two
I’ve got a reputation as a drunk who’s cheap
If I have too many I just fall asleep
I’m an old man, singing these old man blues.

Verse 4
I can’t love my woman like I used to do
I used to go all night and in the morning too
Now if it happens, it just hurts my back
And I don’t want to risk another heart attack
I’m an old man, singing these old man blues.

Bridge (reprise)

More Out and About

IMG_0449Thursday night, I finally went up to the Silly Goose Pub, a cozy bar/restaurant on Victoria Park where Julie Long and Fergus Hambleton run an open mic every second Thursday. I had a chance to play a few songs with Hap Roderman sitting in on bass along with Julie and Fergus, and caught a few songs by David McLachlan. I’m happy to announce that both Julie and David will be guests at the songcircle in the new year. I then quickly transited down to Legends to settle some financial obligations and play a few more there. Busy night, but…

Friday was a two-for as well, catching a set of m.e. law at a packed Relish, settling more scores (the good kind), and down to the Salty Dog for another full-house Friday Night Blues Jam  hosted by the incomparable Mike Sedgewick. Many old and new friends were up that night, Sal Indigo, Loudon Sharp V (aka Trevor), Donna Flynn,  Sean Macauley and Tony Oldland. I decided to use my short-scale Dano Pro for my set and it did not disappoint, according to the many favourable comments I received afterwards.

ABC Songcircle #6

Back row, left to right: me, Gary Edward Allen, special guest on guitar Alex Matthew, and Tim Prueter. Front: Jody Ferrer.

Last Tuesday at the ABC Songwriters’ Circle offred up a wide variety of approaches and styles, yet a very cohesive flow, and generated I believe the most interesting discussion about our approaches to songwriting. It was so involved, that it continued throughout the break at our table even when not for the benefit of the audience. As you can see, smiles were easy and spontaneous, even with Jody hamming it up.

ABC Songcircle #7

At the ABC Songwriters’ Circle this week. For their bios, click here.

This coming Tuesday, I’m very pleased to have John Mahler, Arch Rockefeller and Michael Sheen Cuddy as guests. Expect some interesting chording and thoughtful lyrics.

I’m looking forward to having you all join us for this show. Until then, be well!


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