I was out of town for a good part of the week, but found a few minutes to explore local music stores in the eastern Québec community I was visiting. I walked into a pawn shop, and like a siren the guitar pictured below called my name. Like in the myth, I was unable to resist, and brought this one home. For those interested in such things, here is more on the Dano Pro.


Shows This Week!

Wednesday Night Triple Threat at the Salty Dog (8-12) and Friday Two’s Company with NeMo at the Amsterdam Bicycle Club (10:30 – 2:00). Please come down for good and original time! Details are on the right in the sidebar.

New Song

As alluded to last week, a new song emerged from my last evening at Legends, so without delay, here is a first rough mix for your enjoyment.

Keep It Simple ©2017 R. Pelletier/Félix & the Cats

Verse 1
I was not ready for the four
Why can’t I get a little more?
I had built up a head of steam
Things did not live up to my dreams


Verse 2
So now I stand here foolishly
A victim of my fantasy
A tube stuck firmly in my mouth
My prospects quickly heading south

I was just getting started
Now I am broken hearted
I did not keep it sensible
I missed a basic principle

Keep it simple (x3)

Verse 3
I’m in a tailspin going down
Looping around and round and round
Try to adapt but there’s no doubt
There is no nice way to get out

Pre-chorus + Chorus

Solo over verse

Verse 4
I’ve often had these dismal thoughts
And would be depressed were it not
For friendly bad ass bottleneckers
To fend off noisy drunken hecklers
It’s in the true and simple things
That I can best spread out my wings
No fancy footwork is required
And honesty is most admired

Pre-chorus + Chorus

Both guitar and song may première at Relish tonight…tbd.

Thanks for listening! Until next week, be well!


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