‘Twas Not ‘Twas

After all that build up regarding sitting in at a local pub, the whole thing just fizzled like dew on an Irish Spring (but I like it too). A brief conversation with the barkeep made it plain that “All musicians welcome” as stated on the sandwich board outside Ma Bakers  required the addendum “as long as you only play traditional Irish music. All others, feck off!” Okay, I’m exaggerating but I did not want to make a cultural faux-pas, like mentioning the war to Germans, ordering a black-and-tan in Ireland or playing Bowie covers at an all-blues jam.

Nevertheless, time was well spent and I recorded a song written back in Toronto, but entirely captured here in Ireland on my pokey iPad Mini, 1st generation. Results are as good as can be expected, and I’ve posted it below.

The Devil’s Blues ©2017 R. Pelletier/Félix & the Cats

Verse 1
I ran into the devil just the other day
At the coffee shop just along the way
He put aside his sudoku and looked me in the eye
“I’ve been expecting you, he said, I knew you’d come by
I can tell you’re wondering what the hell comes next
How all of this has come to pass
You seem so perplexed
Ooooh, you know, it’s my time at last.”

Verse 2
The devil said,
“When the penny drops
And you realize,
Where the buck will stop
When …..
…the fuse is lit
And the sword is plunged…
…right up to the hilt
…the scale has tipped
And the die is cast
And the switch is flipped
…the gavel drops
And the sentence passed
And the bars slam shut
Ooooh, you’ll know, it’s my time at last.”

He stood up to make his point
My soul was filled with fright
His left hand shielded his eyes
From the harsh morning light
Fragments of the holy tablets
Were crumbled in his right
He looked at me in my distress
And cackled with delight.

Verse 3
I soon calmed down and realized
That none of this was true
He is the devil after all,
So what else can he do
But lie about the state of things,
So I live in despair
And I believe all hope is lost
And life is so unfair
But I am onto him,
And he can’t fool me twice
It’s not yet time for me to pay
The last and final price
Ooooh, I say, this too shall pass

More Good NewsEldest dot has earned first prize for her singularly original pottery at the Cabbagetown Arts & Crafts sale this weekend. Family and friends are very proud of her!

On that high note, be well!

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