New Rhythm

Here I am after my first week of freedom. Honestly, I am still adjusting, and all the possibilities come with their own set of choices, and sometimes stresses, albeit welcome ones.

Work on the studio is ongoing, with this week focused on upgrades: my Edirol baby monitors which honestly could not be relied upon for any balanced mix have been sent upstairs to the living room where they make fine multimedia speakers. In their place, a pair of YSM-5s, which are at least twice as large, despite the image below, and considerably clearer. A good entry level choice I think, given the space and the $ available, and support for a fine Canadian company, my alma mater Yorkville Sound Inc.


Also on the to-do list was finishing my Solo Telecaster. After a disastrous attempt at staining, which looked much better in my imagination than in reality, I sanded everything back down to raw wood, and went with the simple and true clear lacquer approach. I’m looking forward to Tuesday when after curing, I can buff and  assemble this thing. Hopefully I can report back next Sunday on completion.

Not having to worry as much about “the next morning” has also made it possible to check out weekday shows, and I have taken advantage of that, budget limitations notwithstanding.

First on my calendar was Taylor Harp, who was playing a set at the Supermarket in Kensington. This was my first time in the room, which has a superb sound system, for which you have the privilege of paying $10 cover on a Wednesday. The beer is well priced though, and the show excellent, so it all worked out. People gotta get paid somehow!

Here he is playing Lost Love (verse 2) that evening. The audience was very attentive, including the guy whose head is in the shot.

Friday was devoted to checking out the Fraz Milne Band at the Opera House. Again a first time for me at the venue. The opening act was a tad loud, but the venue sells ear plugs for a modest $2. I had a brief but lovely conversation with one of the Ellinas family, owners of the place. Please click through on the link above for a history of the place; quite remarkable. Fraz, Robin and Chris were second up, and looked and sounded comfortable and ready for this show. The PA crew quickly adjusted to their style after the first song. Sal, MichaelLynn and I thank you, Fraz, for not wearing shorts!

Photo courtesy Sal Indigo. L to R: Fraz Milne, Robin Latimer and Chris Bender.

Saturday, it was down to Jimmy Simpson Park for the Jazz Fest, featuring the always entertaining Arsenals, with my guy NeMo on bass. I wrote more extensively about them a while back — see Skalicious. They will be back to play Streetfest for 3 nights (July 27-29, 7-11 PM) in front of Shoppers Drug Mart/Kew Gardens – 2000 Queen St. EIt will be worth your while to check them out! I’m hoping they can come back and play a good room in the East End soon as well. Eton House, you listening?

Today, I gotta get back to the voice exercises before my vocal coach disowns me. Tonight will be a big night at Relish as the community is wishing Will Meadows buen viaje y buena suerte as he moves to Austin, TX to pursue his destiny with Whitney Rose.

One last thing… I have added on the right sidebar links to Brilliant Fish’s excellent radio show, The Upstream. Please click through and enjoy!

Until next week then, be well!


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