Crossing the Rubicon

The week has been momentous.

First on Tuesday, Tim Prueter, Sal Indigo and I played the Linsmore Indie Tuesday show. What a lovely receptive audience we had! It was all a first for me in an entirely solo mode, and it won’t be the last!

Thanks to Mary,  Drew and all the staff for always making us feel special and welcome. We hope to do it again soon.

19598934_10159006288100594_4138559755236536800_n (1)Thursday saw me out for the usual fun and games at Legends, with Gary and Amber. This coming week will mark 10 weeks continuous. Some marriages don’t last that long, so good on Gary and Amber for making it work, and the management at Legends for supporting live music!

Friday was the big day, when I retired from my day job. Thank you Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan! More importantly, it marked 35 years of marriage two Mrs. FatC. Things are still purring along after all this time. None of this would have ever happened had she not been supportive and understanding all along. We had a good time at the house welcoming many friends and family who came down to celebrate with us. Big thanks to daughter (and gifted ceramicist) Lucy and boyfriend (and gifted singer) Omar, whom I went to see at the Cameron House playing with the amazing Lonely Hearts, for above and beyond at the party. I was happy to see fellow musicians Kyle Sullivan, recently back from a European tour with Whitney Rose, and Fraz Milne, at the same show. Fraz has a show coming up this Friday at the Opera House that I look forward to attending. Info and tickets are available through the “show” link above. And you can catch Kyle with Adam Beer-Colacino, Terry Wilkins and Jeff McLeod tonight (Sunday July 2, 2017). I’m sorry I can’t catch that show but I have a friend playing the Stir It Up Sunday open mic at Relish for the very first time tonight and want to be there for moral support.

IMG_0079So what now? Big projects are starting soon: sound treating the ManCave Studio™ walls and ceiling will be an ongoing summer (or more) job, as well as building up the arsenal of gear. I’ll try to remember to take photos as the project goes on.

Putting together this thing on the left should be my first priority though. I’ve always wanted a Telecaster, and this one will be finished exactly as I like, which should be a lot of fun. The kit comes from Solo Music Gear, right in the GTA, and includes all the hardware needed, and predrilled holes to guide the work. Not only do they sell a great product for a super low price, the service is top rate, and friendly!

Come back next week for a progress report.

Until then, be well!




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