Old Dog, New Tricks

After much prodding, soul-searching and a few humbling recordings, I finally decided that, for the good of the band, I needed to take proper singing lessons. Quite honestly, this has been the most neglected part of my craft, so it is now time to make it as right as I can.

Fellow traveller Sam Taylor provided some good advice a month ago. That conversation led me to seek the structure of formalized lessons to put his suggestions into practice. A good friend recommended Elite Music Academy, where she is taking guitar lessons. I was initially hesitant, due to the “School of Rock” promotional material posted in the windows, but after checking out their site and popping in for a chat, I quickly realized they had the quality teaching I was looking for. Even better, both sites are very close to home.

Image from Elite Music Academy (https://elitemusic.ca/voice-lessons-toronto/jaclyn-serre-singing-and-guitar-lessons/)

I selected Jaclyn Serre as she seemed to have the most rock music singing in her background. She also plays guitar so I believed she would have a good understanding of the context I perform in. There is nothing wrong with musical theatre singing, it’s just not what I want to sound like.

Two lessons in, I am totally impressed with her approach and I am optimistic that it will pay off, as look as I do the exercises!

I asked Jaclyn after the first session whether she also performed in clubs, and it turned out she had just recently joined Just Heart, a locally-based Heart tribute band. She plays the Nancy Wilson part, alongside Valerie Shearman as Ann Wilson, including going blonde for the job! I had also briefly met Valerie at the Kelly Jay benefit I wrote about briefly last year.

The band was recently featured on CHCH television. Below is my favourite part of the video!

Jaclyn shows us how to “Kick It Out”.

Finally, my next show is this coming Thursday at the Eton House, hosted by the awesomely talented Elana Harte, and featuring the remarkable M.E Law. FatC will be up third, again in the “unplugged” version. We’re looking forward to seeing a bunch of friendly faces there. New material will be featured.MReduxPoster

That’s all this week, so be well!


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