Whatever Floats Your Boat

For people attending this Tuesday’s March 14th show at the Linsmore (and I hope a lot of you will), I have added one of my newer songs on the set list.

Frog in Lifejacket
Basic frog image from http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/looneytunes/images/e/ed/Michigan_J._Frog.png/revision/latest?

This one is called Waterline, and retells the biblical tale of Noah’s Ark, but from the animals’ perspective, and more specifically, a frog’s.

I found it interesting how this narrative of ultimate reset focused on land dwelling creatures. For anything living in water, it may have been a bit a “meh” event.

The first verse introduces the story, then the second highlights the anthropocentricity of the narrative. Finally, in the third, I draw to draw a parallel to climate change, set up by the bridge. Yeah, it’s heavy-handed, but it gets the job done. The breakdown before the bridge is silly fun, and an homage to the B52s Rock Lobster.

I hope you like this one, and look forward to your feedback at the next show.

Until then, be well!


Waterline ©2017 R. Pelletier/Félix and the Cats

Verse 1:
He is a mangy dog
She is a feral cat
It seems I am a frog
I guess that’s where it’s at
We’re on to see a man
Who’s building a big boat
Cause when it starts to rain
We’ll either sink or float

Verse 2:
The man chooses who’s on
And who to sacrifice
Creatures who’ve done no wrong
Will pay a heavy price
A good thing I can swim
I know I’ll last this out
For others it is grim
Unless you are a trout…

Breakdown: (ad lib)
…or a salmon, a herring, a pickerel, an eel, a whale, an octopus, a lobster, a crustacean of some kind, a squid, a mollusk, a bottom feeding invertebrate…(etc. ad lib)

The people did not heed the signs
They did not do what’s right
So now the rain keeps falling down
For forty days and nights

Verse 3:
Some call this story true
Some call it metaphor
I’ll leave that up to you
And what you’re looking for
What’s best for you and me
Keeping that tale in mind
We’re not to blind to see
The rising waterline

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