Fellow Travellers – Part 5

Portrait by Lisa Macintosh http://www.lisamacintoshphotography.ca

I have had the pleasure and privilege of meeting many talented people on this latest journey. Amongst the most broadly gifted is Rob Greenway. Rob is a voice actor by trade, but also a graphic artist, producer, singer and drummer. In his alter-ego personage of Brilliant Fish, he has performed many times at Relish assisted only by a looper pedal to paint broad sonic landscapes in improvised and highly absorbing vocal performances. Rob also sits in on drums on the rare occasions when Paul Brennan and Jace Traz are not available for Relish Bar and Grill’s Stir It Up Sundays, and is the full-time drummer for the “metaphysical blues” group Cadre, and ensemble of top-tier Toronto musicians. That aspect alone is worth it to catch Rob perform.

As Brilliant Fish, he has released a number of albums and singles that highlight an imaginative approach to songs, such as this brilliant(ha!) cover of Hank William’s Cold, Cold Heart, that spreads a layer of sinister anger over the original heartbreak of the original.

image from mixcloud.com/the-upstream-with-brilliant-fish

Just recently, Brilliant Fish has launched his own radio show, The Upstream on Mixcloud. I have admittedly not listened to radio for a long time, is this is the first time in ages something like this has drawn me in and held my interest. The songs are often new (to me anyway), and juxtaposed in a aural narrative that keeps you captivated. I highly encourage everyone to listen.


My only question remains, how does he find the time to do all this!


To close off, I want to remind everyone that we are very excited to be playing in just over a week at the Linsmore Tavern, and part of Indie Tuesdays, on March 14. This show finally gets the original FatC lineup back together, with Paul Brennan on drums, Neil (NeMo) on bass, and yours truly. Expect some new songs, some favourites and a high energy set, cause I picked  ’em that way. This is an outstanding evening to catch new talent as the second set will feature Michael Cuddy (who wrote a lovely invitation for the show here) and the third, Arch Rockefeller, two master songwriters whom I greatly admire. We start at 8, so don’t be late.

Until next time, be well,


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