The Nerve

Poster by Sarah Battersby

Back in the oughts, I joined up with a group called the Nerve, with David Israelson on bass, Richard Scarsbrook on drums, and (for a while) Alex Vos on guitar. It was a fun band to work with as we all were doing it for the same reasons (hint: not the money). We kept it going a few years until our separate lives made it unwieldy to continue. C’est la vie!

rockets-vs-gravityCut to 2016, when Richard sends me an invitation to his latest book launch (Rockets vs Gravity, his 9th novel) at the Gladstone Hotel this past Monday. It was a great opportunity to catch up with Richard and David, who also attended. I keep trying to convince them to make it out to an open mic sometime soon. However, I hope they give me some warning so I can review the charts if they want me to sit in.

Me, David and Richard

In commemoration of this reunion of sorts, here is a recording of a rehearsal of Angeline, one of Richard’s songs. Richard is singing lead, with David on back ups and ripping scream, and Alex plays the solo, with me on chunky rhythm.

unknownIt’s the only song where I ever got to use my Heil Talk Box, a guitar effect made notorious by Joe Walsh and Peter Frampton. It’s now in storage :-(.

Angeline © Richard Scarsbrook

If you missed the previous blogs, we have two shows scheduled for this month: October 25 at 9 at the Linsmore Tavern as part of Indie Tuesdays, and October 29th at 10:30 at the Amsterdam Bicycle Club. Both should be great fun!

Be well!


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