Intersecting Paths

In astrophysics, there is a phenomenon called “nodes” where orbits intersect. Such a node occurred last night at the Korner Pub in Scarborough. Interesting how Scarborough ends up being inspirational for me.

The Marwills

I went there to hear The Marwills, a band I have known for a while from their appearances at the Relish Stir It Up Sunday open mic. They always put on a good show, so it was worth the forty-minute TTC excursion.

The guys were in great form, despite being shoe-horned into a corner at the front. Not much room for frontman Brett Bonvie‘s dance moves, although he did venture out in front and joined with the locals’ dancing later in the show. The Marwills instrumental format, two lead guitars, bass, drums, has always been my favourite high-energy combination, and guitarists Jesse Morrissey and Graeme MacGillivray did not disappoint, with inspired individual and dual solos, always managing to not step over each other and keep the level in check, without sacrificing the energy. The rhythm section, Bryn Besse on bass, and James Law on drums, were solid and sounded perfectly balanced. The band actually commented to me how pleased they were with the sound of the room. Below is a link to their latest album, Facts & Figures. Catch them live if you can too!

goddo-live-shot_featureAbout halfway through the second set, a familiar face moves through the crowd from the bar area, and sits down right in front of the band. It was Greg Godovitz of Goddo fame. I initially thought he knew the band, but it turned out he lives nearby and was only there with his significant other to enjoy a drink and the entertainment. Now, if you are too young to know who Greg or Goddo are, check out the links in this blog, and the music here. This is Canadian rock royalty.

Greg and I have had brief nodal moments through the years. The first dates back to the early 1970s when I first saw him playing bass with Fludd at the Kapuskasing District High School. I always think of that event as the “Lock Up Your Daughters” tour. The band had quite a reputation! Greg would have to confirm whether it was merited, or it may be in his 2002 autobiography, Travels With My Amp, which is on my to-read list.

Rush at the Piccadilly Tube. Note the curved wall behind the band.

When I moved to Toronto, I would hear him playing in clubs, notably a memorably loud show at the Piccadilly Tube, a popular nightclub at Yonge and Dundas at the time.


I got to know him a bit better, while Greg and I both worked in the music industry (he for Randall Amplifiers, and me for Yorkville Sound) when we chatted for a while on a flight back from the Chicago NAMM music trade show.

This past April, a reunited Goddo performed at the benefit for Crowbar frontman Kelly Jay, held at the Hard Rock Cafe, along with many other artists. It was a great show for a great cause, which I believe Greg may have also been involved in organizing.

Most recently, Greg has sat in on occasion with friend and young up-and-coming bluesman Sam Taylor, discussed in one of my first blogs, when Sam had a regular Saturday at the Peppery Cat.

So, the universe is an interestingly interwoven place. I always enjoy these brief interactions with Greg. Perhaps our paths will cross again. If so, I look forward to it!

Until next week, be well!


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