Photo Op

Sorry for the late post. The desktop computer has crashed and is in the shop for an OS rebuild.

So this is being done on an iPhone.

Last week’s feature at Relish was a great night. On top of it, we had two ace photographers taking pictures of the band. One of them, Peif Weyman, was there for Chris as he is a Murat Diril cymbals endorser. Good friend Ian Sinclair with whom I have played with in previous bands came out to capture the band live as we needed to update our shots.

Here are a few samples.

Until next week, be well!

Go Pro

Some recent social media posts have got me thinking more deeply about the oft-read rant regarding “amateur” musicians “stealing professional” jobs. It is the last quoted word that got me curious.

What does it mean to be a “professional musician”?

At the far end of the scale, it’s obvious: musicians who earn their entire livelihood from playing music. Easy enough!

But what about, say, someone who works in a music store and plays shows in the evenings and on weekends? Does the day job disqualify that person from the professional ranks or is working in a music store a mitigating factor?

Okay, let’s take that further. What about someone who work instead as a server in a live music venue? Does the place of day employ shield a musician from being ranked amateur? What if he/she/they work in a doughnut shop?

Is it a question of how many hours performed vs. the day job?

Perhaps I’m looking at this all wrong…could it be a question of expertise or raw talent? Is it attitude and the ability to please an audience? Is it originality?

I have my own ideas, but I’d like to hear back from you, dear readers. Just leave a comment if you wish.

FatC Relish Sept 21.jpgThis Saturday the Cats Will Play

After a good and hot rehearsal last night working through the four new tunes we hope to launch, the Cats are raring to go this Saturday at Relish 2.0. We kick off at 9:30, but please come early for the food and former ABC Songcircle guest One-Eyed Oracle (aka Boris Buhot) playing from 7 to 9.

Make it a full evening of live entertainment!




Be there and be well!




The band is very excited to be back for the first time (?) at the new Relish 2.0 at 511 Danforth this coming September 21, 2019.

We hope to introduce a few new songs that I have tried out at the open mic and one world première, so it should be a special evening on all counts. You can subscribe to the band’s event calendar here, should you wish to be kept up to date while avoiding social media overload.

header Relish sep 21.jpg

Be well!


And Speaking of Which..

Ultra brief blog this week just adding details to the Linmore show mentioned last week and scheduled for October 15.

Guest will be:

Image may contain: 2 people, people on stage, people playing musical instruments and text
The FortNights (Fraz Milne and Fintan McEnroe) at 8:00

The Cats will be on at 9:00. A few new tunes may make their way into the set list, so regular fans will be in for more than the usual.





Closing the night at 10:00 will be Phillip Vonesh and the Spare Parts, for whom I played a while back when the lead guitarist was away. This time Phillip will be backed by his usual crew so a great show is in store for all.

Until next time, be well!



Again, just a short update this week. The Salabama show at Relish 2.0 went great, thanks to solid playing by Sal himself, Tony Oldland on bass and Paul Brennan on drums. Special thanks to the brilliant Sean McAuley on harmonica too, and to Rick Henry for a superb mixing job and for having the nerve to tell me to turn down! It’s always a fun privilege to play with Sal and have the chance to try out live the arrangements we’ve worked out in the studio sessions at ManCave. Here’s a sample courtesy of Dave Correia with one of Sal’s originals, Swamp Chickin.

Upcoming Gigs

TheCats have been on low-profile for most of the summer, but a few shows are beginning to line up for the fall. September 21 will be our first time at Relish 2.0, then October 15 at the Linsmore Tavern with special guests, and finally (so far) a Sunday matinee at the Black Swan with special guest Omar Saab of the Lonely Hearts.

That’s all for this week!

Be well!



Side Launch

This Saturday (August 24, 2019 – 9:30 pm) will be my first full show at the new Relish, albeit not with the Cats but with the one-of-a-kind Salabama. I’m very excited and proud to be called upon to be second guitar for this one particularly as Sal has recorded many of the tunes we will be performing in the ManCave Studio and this will be a great opportunity for you to get a sneak peek of his upcoming album.

The Answer to Last Week’s Quiz

The bass feet posted last week belong to as follows:

Tom Rich
Lucas Gadke (Chloé Watkinson Band)
Robin Latimer

That’s it… short and sweet.

Be well!

Bass Toes

In the last few weeks, I’ve caught shows by a few bands that were characterized by a phenomenon I had never noticed before: the Barefoot Bass Player.

So just for fun, here are photos of three players who I know directly or play with who I know. See if you can figure out who is who. Answers next week.

This week!

No photo description available.As Mrs. Félix & the Cats will be away for business for a few days, there may be a few more shows to catch during her time away…tbc.

Today for sure I will be at Long & Mcquade for the new mural unveiling and to catch the Lonely Hearts performing there live, then later it’s off to the Linsmore for FatC drummer Chris Bender‘s cover band Rock Bottom. Should be a fun night!

Image may contain: text








That’s all for this week. Be well!





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Super brief as there is a lot going on in the other aspects of life.

Renovation has reached a significant turning point, one where I have removed the stuff stored and cluttering up ManCave Studio thereby more or less reclaiming the space. Just in time too as I have a session scheduled tomorrow.

New Open Mic

A new open mic is starting up this Wednesday at The Cut, which appears to be formerly the St. Louis Bar & Grill. The host for August has impeccable credentials in that it’s David Macmichael who has been doing the same at Relish B&G for many years. It’s on my calendar to check out and I expect to report back next Sunday.

Until then, be well!

Amsterdam, dam, dam

img_2279.jpgJust back from a lovely weekend in Buffalo, New York with the lovely Mrs. F&theCats. Impressed by how many big homes there are there and the obvious care the owners devote to the city as a whole. Thanks to the Elmwood Village Inn for being extraordinarily welcoming hosts. Highly recommend this B&B if you are going through Buffalo.

Last night was a long deferred return to the Amsterdam Bicycle Club to say hi to Henry and Laurie and catch some Afro-Brazilian vibes with Bruce Jones, Robin Asher and Lucya Almeida. Great vibe!

Tonight, Tony Oldland is hating a Rolling Stones themed jam at the Salty Dog, so that should be fun.

This Friday, it will be a special night as one of fave bands, the Lonely Hearts, is playing for the first time ever at the Dakota Tavern. Got my ticket and eager for a hot show!

Image may contain: 1 person

Hope to see you there!



Fellow Travellers – Part 8

Our story begins in ancient times in a Toronto east-end bar.

The Only Café at that time hosted a Saturday open mic, and led by multi-instrumentalists Derek Downham, Tim Bovaconti and Terence Gowan. I used to go there as often as possible, particularly to support John Pelubski, and see who else might surprise everyone by showing up. At that point, I was still too intimidated by the talent and repressed to play at this venue.

One of the “regular” bands I often felt was a highlight of the evening with their energy and originality included a drummer named Jace Traz. It took a few years to make the connection that this was the very same individual I would know much better as a regular at Relish.

Jump forward a few years, and the aforementioned Relish connection begins. Jace would often be there subbing on drums at Stir It Up Sunday when regular co-host Paul Brennan was away, and for other bands when needed, including on one occasion for me.

jace.jpgBut what really got my attention was when Jace would switch to guitars and play original material. That’s when I realized I was hearing one of Toronto’s greatest undiscovered power-pop phenomena. Jace’s hyper-catchy melodies and rhythms layered over lyrics ranging from the delightfully metaphoric Pistachio Girl, through the more self-deprecating Fake, and to the darkly cautionary Rape Van. Few songwriters could blend disparate subjects like mathematics and heartbreak, like in the beautiful Divide. Each of his appearances was a highlight of the evening and a consistent audience favourite.

Tonight (July 23, 2019), Jace will be performing a set at the Linsmore Tavern. I hope all of you reading this will be there at 8 to see and hear for yourselves. Check out the links above too for a preview!

Until later, be well!